In light of new members, I have decided on new rules for this wiki. 

1.) No swearing. It may not come as a shock, but I (PupsTheMechanic32) get kind of bothered when people swear on my wikis. 

2.) No asking for admin. The bureaucrats that are active will select administrators. PupsTheMechanic32 usually promotes them. 

3.) Spam, Vandalism, or nonsensical pages will be removed on sight. (This includes comments.) 

4.) Racism, harassment, and homophobia/transphobia is PROHIBITED. I believe that's also stated in Fandom's Terms of Use as well. 

5.) Insulting users winds new users up with warnings, seasoned users with blocks. We have ways to know who's who. 

6.) If you are having a problem with a user, come to the wiki adopter (PupsTheMechanic32) or an admin that user hired. If applicable. 

7.) If a page is locked and you want an admin to unlock it, ask once. Do not repeatedly ask an admin. That can be taken as harassment. 

8.) Follow Fandom's Terms of Use. 

The rules are subject to change, follow them and we'll get along fine. 

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